Support and Drivers for tracker RUCAP UM-5

RUCAP UM-5 tracker Support Service contact:
Tel.: +7 (916) 155 4282 (from 9:00 till 19:00; Monday-Friday)
Or contact us through the form in the right navigation column.



Drivers and Software:
Tracker RUCAP UM-5, Version 1.2 – download >>>
For Windows XP and higher



SDK for the tracker RUCAP UM-5:
If you need SDK for the tracker RUCAP UM-5 you need to fill the SDK order form and you will get the link to download the archive.

Demo programs to demonstrate the tracker RUCAP UM-5:
Archive with demo programs can be downloaded here >>>

  • Coing
    In the Coing demo program with the help of the tracker RUCAP UM-5 you should find the specific angle of view to see the whole picture.
    screenshort of Coing demoscreenshort of Coing demo

  • Galaxy
    In the Galaxy demo program you can view breathtaking “spacescapes” from different places and at different angles.
    screenshort of Galaxy demo

  • Matrix
    Feel yourself as a Hero of Matrix, dodge bullets, attack your enemy.
    screenshort of Matrix demo

  • Microworld
    You have imagined the magnificent images of microworld a lot of times. With the help of the tracker RUCAP UM-5 you have the opportunity to examine all the details through the illuminator of the submarine. Just don’t forget to switch it on!
    screenshort of Microworld demo

  • Window
    Spectacular demo program that turns your monitor into "real" window, with a beautiful sea view. Examine all details of the form window with the help of tracker RUCAP UM-5 and feel the smell of sea breeze.
    screenshort of Window demo

  • TuxRacer
    Tux Racer – is a computer game with a penguin Tux as a main character. This game is supplied with the standard tracker installation package. You can run this game by clicking on “Demo” button of the autotun wizard. The gamer controls the movements of the penguin who is sliding on his belly down on an ice slope and collecting herrings at the same time. Turning the head right or left the gamer changes Tux directions. Movements of the head forward and backwards accelerate or slow down the penguin speed on the ice slope. Do not forget to show this game to your kids or younger brothers and sisters, and be sure that the penguin Tux exactly catches their fancy!
    tux racer профиль для трекера RUCAP UM-5

Patches for the games which support the “WideGlance” technology:

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