RUCAP UM-5 tracker for people with restricted hand movement


What is RUCAP UM-5?

RUCAP UM-5 tracker is a full-featured substitute for computer mouse. With RUCAP UM-5 You relieve Your hands and control mouse cursor by simply moving and turning Your head.


When do I need to replace mouse by hands-free alternative?

Some people totally or partially lose hand mobility because of the disease.  Muscular dystrophy, carpal tunnel syndrome, ALS, spinal cord injuries and other diseases connected with wrist or hand strain may lead to problems with mouse and keyboard use while working on the computer.

In such cases a good alternative to classic computer mouse is "head mouse" - RUCAP UM-5 tracker, which allows to operate computer without using Your hands.


How to use RUCAP UM-5 tracker instead of mouse?

Using RUCAP UM-5 tracker is simple:

  1. Plug in RUCAP UM-5 tracker to USB
  2. Make sure that antenna and wireless emitter are turned on (blue LEDs are on)
  3. Launch RUCAP UM-5 service program
  4. Find and run profile "Head Mouse";
  5. Change calibration settings (tab Main) and cursor properties (tab Mouse Emulation) if needed
  6. Control mouse cursor by simply moving Your head


What functions does RUCAP UM-5 tracker support?

Use the "Mouse Sensitivity" slider to adjust the speed of the mouse cursor. The closer you move the slider to the “Fast” position, the more distance the mouse cursor will cover after the tracker is moved. 

Flags «Invert horizontal» and «Invert vertical» allow to invert mouse movement along the axis. 

Flag «Absolute coordinates» moves mouse according to the calibration settings. It means that if central position of tracker corresponds to central position of mouse on the screen then the very side position of tracker will bring mouse cursor to the edge of the screen. 

Flag «Mouse click on stop» will make left click after one second stop of the tracker. With this function it is possible to control computer without mouse.

Flag «Enable mouse scrolling» will scroll down the screen when the cursor is close to the edge. With this function it is possible to read long texts or pages on the internet and scroll them with the head nod.

Additional settings are available in calibration window, You can find more information about them in FAQ section and in User Guide.



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