Other games for RUCAP UM-5 tracker


AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

A Reckless Disregard for GravityGameplay of this game is based on the base-jumping principles. Base-jumping is an extreme skydiving from high-rise buildings. Jumping from a height in «A Reckless Disregard for Gravity» occurring in surrealist art-environment with inter-changing colorful paintings and skyscrapers hanging in the air. Flew upward through this madness with the tracker RUCAP UM-5, you can look around to inadvertently did not break or vice versa - to have time to pick up bonus. The game experience is guaranteed to be strengthened in several times!

Alien Shooter 2

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 

Kill and burn hordes of monsters, controlling the movement of your character on the screen (moving left, right, up and down).



 игры для RUCAP UM-5 

Explore the secrets of fairy ocean depths in indie masterpiece “Aquaria”. Swim and dive like a fish in water, moving left, right, up and down to solve quests and find artifacts.


Armed Assault 2 (*new*)


The most popular multiplayer shooter from the creators of the legendary Operation Flashpoint. In the game with a huge set of opportunities, combat transport (from tanks to fighter aircraft) and weapons you can manage the view of his character, like you are real soldier: examining the environment, peeking around corners, watching for enemies, do all of this slight movements of the head. It’s realistic, impressive and effective!
 Об игре AudiosurfHere you can read the detailed description of Armed Assault 2 with game tracker RUCAP UM-5

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Turn your music collection in a racing attraction: Audiosurf converts any music track to the futuristic race rout. Collect the colored blocks on these routs to the beat of your favorite music, moving left and right.
Об игре AudiosurfHere you can read the detailed description of Audiosurf with game tracker RUCAP UM-5
video icon Here you can watch the video about Audiosurf with the game trackerRUCAP UM-5


Rotate the game camera clockwise and counterclockwise, moving right and left. Inspect the battlefield, freeing keyboard and mouse from these functions.


Dragon Age: Origins

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 

In the new fantasy epic from BioWare, the recognized masters of the RPG genre, you can rotate the camera left and right, move it up and down (moving his head to the relevant side), zoom in and zoom out camera (moving head closer to the monitor or moving head away from it).


Dreamfall: the Longest Journey

Control the movements of your character and choose various options in the game interface using head movements to the left, right, up and down.


Freak Out: Extreme Freeride

The game is entirely devoted to extreme skiing. Manage tilt and movements of your character, moving left, right, up and down. UM-5 keeps your hands free from burdensome four keys and you will be able to cover the full range of ski stunts.


Hamster Heroes (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 
In this fun game, it will be your task to take the hero, a hamster, inside a ball through a maze.
The ruCap UM-5 tracker increases even further all the fun factors!

Head Mouse

 трекер заменяет мышь  Basic mouse emulation. Use your head to move the mouse cursor around the screen.

Silent Hunter 4

Silent This is the most modern submarine simulator at this moment. Silent Hunter 4 events is occurring during the Second World War and you have the right to support Allies or German troops. With the RUCAP UM-5 game tracker you can control game camera without detracting from the control of the submarine under your command.

Shaun Murray Wakeboarding Unleashed

Wakeboarding is a type of sport and entertainment, in which the dashing guys and girls stand on a surf board, holding onto a boat rope. Maneuver to avoid obstacles, perform insane stunts and have fun moving your character left and right with UM-5.


Shaun White Snowboarding

Make breath-taking stunts on a snowboard, earn points and conquer the snowy peaks. Manage tilt and movements of your character, moving left, right, up and down like a real snowboarder.


Surf’s Up!

Funny game for players of all ages. Control the movement of penguin surfer using UM-5: teetering on the crests of the waves and avoid obstacles, moving left, right and backward.


Tower Simulator (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5     Have you ever dreamed of taking control of one of the most important and critical processes in a modern airport: flight control? If so, this is the game for you. With the ruCap UM-5 tracker, you can control the traffic in your airport and nothing will escape your eye.

Trainz Classics (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 If you like trains and railroads, this game is for you. 
An exceptional railroad simulator, which even includes and editor for your railways, allowing you to experience both real and imaginary railway lines.
With the UM-5 tracker, you will be the master of your railroad.

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 Whati is it that attracts in the train driver's profession? The speed? The vistas? The possibility to control the massive monster of a machine?
You can find out with this game.
You will control a wide variety of trains that faithfully reproduce the real thing.
The ruCap UM-5 tracker gives you additional freedom in controlling your train.
Free your hands, you will be able to look around freely and switch between views, by moving forwards and back.

Tux Racer

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 Tux Racer – is a computer game with a penguin Tux as a main character. This game is supplied with the standard tracker installation package. You can run this game by clicking on “Demo” button of the autotun wizard.
The gamer controls the movements of the penguin who is sliding on his belly down on an ice slope and collecting herrings at the same time.
Turning the head right or left the gamer changes Tux directions. Movements of the head forward and backwards accelerate or slow down the penguin speed on the ice slope.
Do not forget to show this game to your kids or younger brothers and sisters, and be sure that the penguin Tux exactly catches their fancy!

Virtual sailor 7

virtual sailorVirtual Sailor is a game for those who love the sea in all its manifestations. This unique ship simulator allows you to easily manage the review of the game camera with RUCAP UM-5 game tracker. Feel like a real captain of his ship: every storm and calm with the UM-5 will bring you unforgettable sensations.

X3: Reunion

The distant future. Cosmic space explored but not conquered by humanity. Solve an intergalactic quests, trade and fight using small shuttles and huge warships, which you can control with the barely perceptible movements. Direct your ship, moving left, right, up and down.


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