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Service program

  1. Why do I need to set monitor width?
  2. How to run existing profile?
  3. Can I assign hotkeys to control profile?
  4. How can I share my profile with friends?
  5. What calibration adjustments are available in the service program?
  6. When do I need to use mouse emulation in profile settings? 
  7. When do I need to use joystick emulation?
  8. When do I need to use keyboard emulation?




General Questions

How safe is ultrasound technology which is used in the game tracker?

Ultrasound is cyclic sound pressure with frequency from 20,000 Hz and above. Its practical usage began recently with the development of piezoceramic transducers. Now ultrasound is widely used in engineering and other areas.

We have paid a lot of attention to the the safety requirements for our products, and here are some facts:

  • The level of sound pressure is 10 times lower than limits set by GOST 12.1.001-89.
  • Impulse mode is used in operation of all our devices which means 1 hour of work is equal to 1 minute of continuous ultrasound radiation.
  • Ultrasound radiation in RUCAP UM-5 tracker is directed from the user.Sanitary Epidemiological Certificate

Moreover, Tracker RUCAP UM-5 has been tested by Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare and received Sanitary Epidemiological Certificate confirming that the product meets sanitary regulations.

How long does it take to install the tracker? 

RUCAP UM-5 tracker installation takes 2-3 minutes plus You only have to fix emitter and put the tracker’s antenna on the monitor.

How does RUCAP UM-5 take control of the game?

RUCAP service program uses nonexclusive emulation of control devices: joystick, mouse or keypad. At the same time the functions of real mouse and keypad are not disturbed. The only thing you have to do is assign the view control to RUCAP UM-5. If you use mouse emulation than it is likely that no additional settings are necessary.

Does computer react to my quick head twitch?

Certainly, you can desperately shake your head to check how quick our device is, but in this case you will experience difficulties distinguishing anything both on the screen and in the real world. Our technology does not require extreme computer power, and therefore, the system can react to any possible movement of a user within the working area. RUCAP UM-5 tracker updates the information about your position with frequency of 160 frames per second, which is more than enough to process the quickest movements of a user.

Will I be able to play my favorite games?

Tracker RUCAP UM-5 takes up the functions of additional joystick that is adjusted specifically for head moves. Thanks to free choice of emulation type (mouse, keyboard or joystick) You can use RUCAP UM-5 in any game. And we already have profiles for more than 90 games.

Can I make a 180 degrees turn with my virtual head without breaking the neck?

You can easily adjust tracker for convenient turns. To do so You have to calibrate tracker with small head moves along the X axis (thus you set the minimum working area). Such settings will result in 180 turn of the view camera when you turn your head, for example, only 15 degrees aside.

How much power of my PC is required?

All calculations of your moves are made in the service program and it doesn't put additional load to your computer.


Service program

Why do I need to set monitor width?

At first launch of service program it asks to measure You monitor width and enter correct figure in millimeters. You also can do it later through the program menu Tools -> Options.

Please, notice that the more precise You set monitor width the more realistic will be resulting tracker control. It is recommended to measure with 5 mm precision.

How to run existing profile?

Before running any profile please read its description in the Description tab, check that the tracker is on (head model should be following Your real movements) and center Your head position by pushing "Center" button.

".Exe" icon on the left from profile name means that user doesn't have to run profile before starting game - it will work automatically. Otherwise it is recommended to launch current profile before starting game: using corresponding button in service program or F11 hotkey (default).

Can I assign hotkeys to control profile?

You can set hotkeys for "Run/stop profile" (F11 default) and center (F12 default) that can be activated while playing game. 

How can I share my profile with friends?

"Export" function allows to save profiles on computer and "Import" saves any ready profile with  .um5profile extention in the service program. Both functions are available in "Profile" menu.

What calibration adjustments are available in the service program?

Calibration window contains five tabs, each for calibration of respective axis or turn. You can see visual interpretation of calibrate settings on the graph below. Blue circle is moving horizontally according to real head moves and virtically - showing calibrated moves.

RUCAP UM-5 calibration

Slider «Dead zone» allows to set zone of no impact where Your head moves don't influence mouse cursor.

Slider «Sensitivity» adjusts tracker sensitivity. The higher it is the bigger distance will cover mouse cursor with the same head move.

Slider «Curve» makes non-linear adjustment, for example, -100% position sets low sensitivity in center and high sensitivity close to edges. Flag «Custom curve» allows personalized control of sensitivity and flag «Invert» inverts the movement along the axis.

Button «Center» puts Your current position into center on the screen.

Button «Reset» returns all settings to default.

Slider “Head movement filtering”  sets the balance between speed and smoothness of virtual moves. "Speed" provides fast low-precision filtration while "Quality" gives higher precision but slower response.

When do I need to use mouse emulation in profile settings?  

Mouse emulation allows hands-free control of computer and any software with tracker RUCAP UM-5.

It is also successfully used in games where mouse control is available, especially for view control. Yet if You are choosing something with mouse (military units or destination point) this kind of emulation won't be effective. It also won't be good if the character has to turn around several times like in shooters because You won't be able to turn Your head that much.

When do I need to use joystick emulation?

Joystick emulation fits almost to any game. If it does not recognize RUCAP Joystick than we recommend You to go to the game settings and assign game actions manually by moving Your head according to the chosen type of action. 

When do I need to use keyboard emulation?

Mainly it is convenient when joystick emulation is not available: game doesn't support joystick at all or doesn't recognize it so You can't set the command for the joystick axis.

Keyboard emulation is also good for operating in software applications, for example for "Zoom" command in 3D Studio Max.



What do I have to do if noise appears on the screen while tracker is on?

Such interference may occur because of the surrounding conditions, for example, reflections from walls or other big flat surface near the monitor. For more information please refer to paragraph 9 of Tracker RUCAP UM-5 User Guide: Troubleshooting  

What if I can't fix RUCAP UM-5 tracker on my own?

If RUCAP UM-5 doesn't work in a right way even after You checked all possible noise sources then, please, contact our support service through telephone +7 (916) 155 4282 (from 9:00 to 19:00, mongay to friday) or with our contact webform on the right navigation column. Our specialists will get in touch with You in the next 24 hours and will offer You free consultation, repair or exchange of Your tracker (please, check with Your 1 year guarantee).


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