UM-16 tracking system

UM-16 real-time tracking system is a professional solution for object and human positioning in enclosed spaces. UM-16 has outstanding characteristics  and provides complete information about object location, orientation and movement.

  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • Determination  of position with 0,5 mm accuracy
  • Determination of orientation 0,5 ° accuracy
  • Real-time tracking data acquisition
  • Working zone up to 400 м2
  • Simultaneous tracking of up to 16 objects
  • Stable functioning in difficult operating conditions


Advantages of UM-16

The system simultaneously utilizes technologies of ultrasonic and inertial tracking, it not only provides unprecedented accuracy, but also is exceptionally reliable and shows no error accumulation over time. It is fully protected from any undesirable noise and difficult operating environment conditions.
UM-16 system is flexible. It is constructed on a modular principle so that the number of reception units and their layout can be defined according to the customer’s requirements and working zone configuration. Receiver modules are designed for convenient attachment to any surface.

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Система позиционирования UM-16 для МКС

IR coordinate marking system for ISS

RUCAP has completed another R&D project for RSC "Energia" - Development, production, testing and maintenance of IR Coordinate-marking system (IR CMS) for VIZIR experiment.

Flight unit of the system has been delivered to international Space Station for experiments. IR CMS tracks three dimensional сcoordinates of objects relative to the base coordinate system and records measurements to the board computer. IR Coordinate-marking system is designed for VIZIR experiment to determine the position of cosmonauts on board and is carried out on the Russian segment of International Space Station.

Тренажер авиадиспетчера

Tracking system for flight dispatcher simulator

RUCAP completed the order for installation of UM16-M in flight dispatcher simulator developed by AVIAREAL ltd.
The simulator of runway and flight dispatcher is based on the augmented reality technology and allows to run for training purposes any emergency cases in conditions of real airport. Dispatcher controls the flying field from the operator position and follows virtual planes or other objects with augmented reality glasses. The position and orientation of dispatcher's view is measured real-time by built-in the glasses UM-16M trackingsystem.
Virtual planes and objects are placed into the airport runway and air in addition to real planes. All virtual objects and controlled from special operator desk. Thus all training can be conducted safely in 100% real conditions and with any standard and emergency scenario.

Система позиционирования для медицинского тренажера

Tracking system for medical training simulator

In June Modernized tracking system UM-16M was supplied for professional Simulator of endovascular surgery that trains the specialists to perform minimally invasive surgery procedures.
UM16-M system provides real-time 6-DOF coordinates of imitator of the C-arm that encompasses the actual X-ray source and image intensifier.

Tracking system for MI-8 fire fighting training simulator

At the end of March RUCAP has finished modernization project for TSNTU "Dynamics" Company. The new tracking system UM16M has built-in ultrasonic and inertial sensors for position measurement and utilises optimised calculation algorithm. Other upgrades were also made for the positioning system of Mi-8 crew training simulator, which include extended working zone and better construct.

Система позиционирования для 3D сканера

Tracking system for handheld 3D scanner

For the Ekaterinburg University of Information Sensors and Technologies on the base of UM-16 RUCAP has developed tracking system for multifunctional radio-locating unit "Locator". It denerates three-dimensional radio frequency image of the object of research  with the help of built in UM-16 positioning system that calculates scanner's position in every moment of measurement.

Coordinate marking system for ISS photography

RUCAP developed “Coordinate-snap of photos” project in collaboration with R&D branch of "MATI" - RGTU “K.E.Tsiolkovsky” for RSC "Energia".

The working specimen of the system was installed at the beginning of august on the Russian segment of the International Space Station for research purposes. At the end of august austronauts have made the first successfull testing of the equipment. The system is intended to determine the angle between camera direction and the base coordinate system at the moment of photo snap and to transfer the data to on-board computer.

Система позиционирования для тренажера ЯК-130

Tracking system for Yak-130 simulator

By the order of Russian stock joint association "Specialized Machinery" RUCAP company has developed "Pilot's head tracking system for Yak-130 simulator" which simulates helmet-mounted target detection system "Sura".

UM-16 tracking system determines position in coordinates (X, Y, Z) and degrees of angle (roll, pitch, yaw) of the pilot's head inside Yak-130 cabin. All measurements are transmitted into simulator's computing system for further calculation of target mark's coordinates.

Система позиционирования для тренажера вертолета пожаротушения МИ-8

Crew training simulator for MI-8 helicopter

In July 2011 RUCAP company successfully implemented this project for the TSNTU "Dynamics" Company and equipped Mi-8 crew training simulator with UM-16 positioning system.

UM-16 tracking system is integrated with virtual reality glasses for support of the training process in the cargo cabin of Mi-8 training simulator. It ensures the operation of operator of the exterior suspension bracket and pilot-observer. Both observers through their virtual-reality glasses see the virtual surroundings, helicopter's cabin, cargo manhole and the exterior at the correct visual angle and can control their position and view by turning their heads like in reality.

UM-16 applications

Aviation and military simulators


UM-16 tracking system is the ideal solution for military training simulators of any purpose and allows not only to interact with virtual surroundings as with real world, but also to estimate the productivity of training.

Implementation examples:

  • Tracking of pilot’s helmet allows to control the virtual view by simply moving the head and thus increase the realism of flight simulator. UM-16 provides complete synchronisation of movements with the virtual picture on display.
  • Equivalent for "Sura" aiming system in fighter training simulator. Picture shows example of the system’s placement in the cockpit simulator. Our solution allows to fully simulate the operation of "Sura" and is several times lower in cost.
  • Training simulators with weapon positioning. Soldier training with the use of weapons is a long and difficult process. Virtual simulator with tracking system UM-16 helps to substantially reduce costs and risks of trauma.
  • Team fighting simulation allows to organise group training of military personnel. Multiple operating area conditions can be imitated for comprehensive and realistic tactical exercise without leaving the training hall.
    UM-16 provides the realization of such solution because it is able to simultaneously track positions of people, weapons and virtual-reality glasses. Each soldier, with the virtual picture of operations zone before his eyes, continues to act as in reality: look around, communicate with the group, aim and fire (owing to space limitations, movement is carried out by means of control buttons). 

Professional simulators


Virtual training systems also found their place in civil areas because they reduce costs of training and provide absolutely no risk of obtaining injuries:

  • Technical professions normally set high demands for the job including special skills and accuracy in operation. UM-16 system provides efficient low-cost training for specialists in welding (tracking of the welding torch), painting (positioning of color spray), etc.
  • Requirements for security professions are quite the same as military. However, staff preparation has its own specifics in training: policemen (weapon tracking), firemen (trackingof fire extinguishers and manual fire hoses).
  • Sportsman training with the use of tracking system allows to optimize training process and work out ideal trajectory and speed of athlete movoment.

Medical training simulators


There are two key areas for use of tracking systems in medicine:

  • Training tools for surgery, in particular laporoscopy, and biopsy. Positioning sensor is fixed on medical tool for precise determination of its position and angle during the operation. Information from UM-16 system is transmitted to the appropriate application, which monitors movements of the trainee during the procedure and provides training guidance.
  • Rehabilitation training simulators for patients suffering from osteochondrosis and stroke patients, as well as training for sports medicine. The UM-16 system allows to record 6 DOF movements of the patient's body parts and joints, to playback and analyse recorded information on computer. The progress of rehabilitation can be evaluated by comparative analysis of charts and statistically calculated parameters.

Virtual reality


VR technologies let the user interact with real-time 3D graphics in a more intuitive, natural manner. This approach enhances the ability to understand, analyze, create and communicate. Virtual reality systems commonly use different kinds of 3D controllers to provide computer-human interation and that is where real-time tracking system can step in as the most natural and easy instrumet to control VR. UM-16 sensors can be applied to any part of a person's body and head so all moves are tracked real-time and are instantly transformed into computer commands to change virtual reality.
Virtual reality solutions are effectively applied in marketing and advertising, business planning and decision-making processes, training and science.


Order UM-16

UM-16 tracking system is the product entirely developed by RUCAP company and it is the best solution on the market both in quality and price. As practice shows, UM-16 is twice less in cost than alike systems of other producers.

Our managers will help you choose suitable for your needs configuration of UM-16 tracking system and will answer any of your questions.

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  • Consultation on all stages of the order

We also develop personal solutions  of any complexity  based on UM-16 system according to the customer’s requirements.

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