Demo-video of WideGlance Technology

The WideGlance technology shows the virtual reality based on relative positions of a user, a screen and a virtual object. The new technology turns a conventional screen into a transparent window, everyone can see their own virtual world through. The capability to look over the corner and study virtual objects from different sides creates an inimitable feeling of depth in the virtual space.

Module Tracking Device RUCAP UM-16

RUCAP UM-16 module tracking device is a complete solution for real time object position and orientation measurement with 6 DOF. The RUCAP UM-16 guarantees coordinate measurement accuracy (±1 mm) and accurate angles setting (±1degree) and it is much cheaper than the existing world analogues. The RUCAP UM-16 is designed in modular approach which enables to form specific working area by choosing necessary number of modules and their placing for specific target.