The game “KA-50: Black Shark” is one of the most advanced simulation games about combat helicopters developed by Russian company Eagle Dynamics. In addition to high-quality graphics performance, the game is distinguished by its realism and the complexity of the game. The preferences of the game allow to set the "game mode" or "realistic mode.  The "Realistic Mode" reproduces all features of helicopter maneuvering with the maximum details, up to multi-injection system.

PURE is an excellent arcade racing simulator with all-terrain vehicle (ATV or quad bike or quad) created by the Disney game studio.

According to the majority of game critic "IL-2" is the most famous all around the world and the best simulator game. Throngs of fans all around the world have gained access to the history of air battles of the Second World War.

"IL-2: Sturmovik" combines in itself the reach game complexity and a wide field of realism level settings (according to the level of the game). Together with addons and additional modes, the game shoes all main battles of the Second World and fleet contains almost all combat aircraft in those years.

Burnout Paradise is crazy racing game which has millions of fans all around the world. The main rule in the Burnout world is the absence of rules. The gamer gets points for exceeding of the speed-limits, , driving on the oncoming traffic lane, dangerous tricks and infliction of damages to the city environment, peaceful car owners, your competitors by your durable and amazingly strong cars.