Virtual production in filmmaking is a complicated and long process that is devided between CG department and director. RUCAM virtual camera allows to "shoot" virtual scenes in a natural and intuitive way as if You are shooting with real video camera.  

RUCAM virtual camera gives You great advantage over the traditional way of virtual production:

  • Real-time visualization - You get the result instantly, without long processing by CG specialists 
  • Ability to choose the best perspective, shoot multiple takes and get Your ideal scene composition
  • Natural camera moves compared to reels generated on computer
  • Budget and time economy
RUCAM demo


Operating principle

RUCAM works on the base of combined ultrasonic-inertia positioning system that allows to support 6 DOF, provide high precision and frecuency of measurement. Moreover, the system is exceptionally reliable, shows no error accumulation over time and is fully protected from any undesirable noise.

RUCAM detects all movement and rotation of virtual camera, precisely defines its coordinates relative to coordinate base, generates tracks and uses them to calculate the correct angle of view on virtual scene.

A number of additional functions is carried out with joystick controls:

  • Rotation (pitch, tilt, roll)
  • Camera movement (crane, dolly)
  • Zoom in/out
  • Set focal length
  • Scale movement speed along each of the axes
  • Filming controls: record, stop, play, rewind
  • Set starting point, choose camera
  • Additional mapped buttons




RUCAM gallery



Our managers will answer any of Your questions about RUCAM Virtual Camera and will help you choose suitable configuration of the system. Please contact us by telephone +7(499) 720 6987 or e-mail

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