News of Industry


Bulkypix becomes iPhone publisher

Five developers join French team to publish on Apple formats


Pachter: iPod Touch is "dangerous" for publishers

Device will force down prices and deter a generation from moving onto consoles, says analyst


VidZone rules out streaming music video on Xbox 360

Company will continue to sell content on Xbox Live, but PlayStation is primary focus


Creditors cry foul over Oxygen buyout

UK businesses likely to be left out of pocket as CEO buys back assets in pre-pack deal


Sign ups begin for Twitter on Xbox 360

Microsoft invites Live users to test upcoming feature ahead of launch


Digital Domain expands into videogames

Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean effects company opens new studio in Florida


Nintendo and Capcom to take legal action against R4 sellers

55 software makers join for lawsuit to halt DS piracy


EA acquires Playfish for $250m?

Rumours suggest Facebook games maker already part of Electronic Arts


Framestore looks to games following DJ Hero success

Visual effects specialists keen to work on in-game assets; UK studios already giving thumbs up to ideas

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