IL-2: Shturmovik - Feel yourself like a real pilot with the tracker UCAP UM-5

According to the majority of game critic "IL-2" is the most famous all around the world and the best simulator game. Throngs of fans all around the world have gained access to the history of air battles of the Second World War.

"IL-2: Sturmovik" combines in itself the reach game complexity and a wide field of realism level settings (according to the level of the game). Together with addons and additional modes, the game shoes all main battles of the Second World and fleet contains almost all combat aircraft in those years.

Multiplayer battles by IL-2 become very popular among gamers.

Feel yourself like a real pilot with the tracker UCAP UM-5 

Make your game IL-2 more realistic and comfortable.

  • With the tracker RUCAP UM-5 you examine the cockpit and gaming environment as a real pilot.
  • By deflecting your head to the left, right, up or down you get the opportunity to monitor the situation around your aircraft very carefully.

Il-2 Shturmovik с трекером ruCap UM-5

  • With the Tracker RUCAP UM-5 you can use your head movements to control the fame actions, it will allow you to "liberate" the joystick, keyboard, mouse or any other controller of the flight simulation which previously were used to monitor the environment during the game, and concentrate on the game and your aircraft.
  • With the tracker RUCAP UM-5 it becomes so comfortable and easier to follow the allies and track the maneuvers enemies.
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