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18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker

   игры для RUCAP UM-5

Deliver essential goods in the most inaccessible and dangerous places of the world in the new game of "18 Steel of Weel" series.
You can effectively observe driver's cab and game world around you with RuCap UM-5 game tracker.


A.I.M Racing

A.I.M.-RacingThe season of high-speed racing has begun in the AIM universe. Control your anti-gravity glider, fighting on complicated racing circuit for the title of the fastest cybernetic mind. Maneuvering among the remains of post-apocalyptic world with head movements and overtake rivals.

A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars

  игры для RUCAP UM-5       

Feel like a cybernetic creature from the world of the future. Direct your gravity ship by moving left, right, up and down.


Armageddon Riders

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 

At the town streets in pursuit of the anomalous artifacts and the adrenaline of battle faced dozens of riders who call themselves the Reapers. And you are one of them! The roar of engines, knives, fire and blood - this is what constitutes Armageddon Riders!
With Wideglance technology you can see this dark brutal world of its full, most realistic and frightening atmosphere. Wideglance changing perspective of game image depending on the position of your head on the monitor. Thus, you can see in real time all that happens in the game as if you personally involved in it.

Burnout Paradise

In dazzling beautiful and crazy race game Burnout Paradise, you can drive using UM-5. This is especially breathtaking when you riding on Burnout Paradise motorcycles. Leaning the monitor or keeping away from it, you can move the body weight of your character on the front or rear wheels of his motorbike.

 Об игре Burnout ParadiseHere you can read the detailed description of Burnout Paradise with  Tracker RUCAP UM-5

Crash Time 3

crash time

With UM-5 game tracker, you can inspect the surrounding environment from inside and outside the car. Have an advantage over rivals and a wonderful view of the metropolis.

Try on the role of inspectors from the special department of the German police. On the roads of Germany in order to preserve order and tranquility you are allowed everything including speeding and destruction of criminal’s cars.

Crazy Frog Racer 2 (*new*)

  тгры для RUCAP UM-5         

Races featuring the popular Crazy Frog character. With the ruCap UM-5 tracker, you will be able to delve deeper into the fun atmosphere of this racer.


Cross Racing Championship 2005 (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5  The life of a professional race driver is a string of vibrant moments: different countries, high speed driving, risky manouvers, expert victories and the champagne on the podium.
With UM-5, you will be able to experience these things like you were there.

Death Track

 игры для RUCAP UM-5    Future absorbed by the economic, military, political, environmental, social problems ... But you don’t care about these problems. Cause you’re take a part in survival race. 
Using the RuCap UM-5 game tracker, you will see the Death Track's routes in a completely new form. Patented Wideglance technology allows you to assess the extent of the future world’s destruction in full 3D. But what it will give you in addition to unusual visual experiences? You’ll enlarge viewing angles in the game, depending on your position in front of the monitor. And this is nothing but a new gaming experience and a real advantage over your rivals.

Colin McRae DiRT

Collin McRey

Colin McRae series is a leader among the games about off-road racing. With UM-5 tracker you can look around inside the driver's cabin, looking at the world around you and watching the competitors like a real racer.



Colin McRae DiRT 2

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 

Colin McRae (known as Dirt 2 outside Europe and stylised, DiRT) is probably the best arcade simulator of road racing. In the newest part of this game, DiRT2, you will feel the road better than ever. With the help of the tracker RUCAP UM-5 you can look around from inside of the driver's place follow others racers as a real driver.

 filmHere you can watch the video about DIRT2 and the game tracker RUCAP UM-5

Euro Truck Simulator (*new*)

  игры дляя RUCAP UM-5               

This is a truck driving simulation on the roads of europe. Deliver goods and earn your keep. The UM-5 tracker will allow you to look around the cabin and make your truck driver's life that much easier.

F1 2010 (Codemasters) (*new*)

 Игры для RUCAP UM-5 Codemasters use their acclaimed racing sim engine in this fateful rendering of the 2010 FIA Formula 1 season. Excellent graphics and attention to detail shine in this racing game. Use the Rucap UM-5 tracker to look into corners and dominate the opposition.

F1 Challenge (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 F1 Challenge is the only game in history to be officially licensed for 4 world championships, from 1999 to 2002. It is your unique chance to become part of these legendary seasons. The game faithfully models not only the cars but also the team rosters for those four years, like the replacement by Mika Salo of Michael Schumacher, who had an accident in 1999.



With the RUCAP UM-5 game tracker you can control the tilt and rotation of the body of his character, as if you personally rush at the desert on a motorcycle or buggy.
Fuel will be the main currency in the post-apocalyptic world of the future. And the most effective way to earn a lot of fuel is winning of adrenaline-filled racing competitions.

German Truck Simulator (*new*)

игры для RUCAP UM-5 The German game about driving a truck and hard life of the truck driver. With RuCap Um-5 game tracker you can realistically and inspect the game environment from the cab with great convenience.

Grand Prix Legends (*new*)

  игры для RUCAP UM-5         A Formula 1 simulator with a twist. These are the 1960’s Formula 1 cars. You can experience driving a 60’s formula car with total realism, beat your opponents and watch them eat dust behind you with the ruCap UM-5 tracker.


GRIDStreet racing simulator with realistic physics and excellent gameplay. With the game tracker ruCap UM-5 you can inspect the environment from the driver’s cab to see the difficult road sections and to monitor his rivals, looming on your tail.

GT Legends


Racing championship simulator which you can observe the environment of the driver’s cab and world around your car with UM-5 game tracker.




Take part in the world rally championships. And being in the driver’s cab of a racing car with ruCap UM-5 have the ability to effectively and smoothly inspect the game world with UM-5, without a moment's distraction from the car driving.


GTR Evolution


The newest part of GTR series, where you also can freely inspect the environment of the game world from the driver’s cab with your UM-5.


iRacing (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5     
One of the most realistic and detailed driving simulators on the market. The Star Mazda Championship team uses this simulator for training. The game is loaded with meticulously modeled cars and tracks, exact to the finest details. The ruCap UM-5 tracker again increases the realism of the race, allowing you to look around the car and the track.

 Live for speed

Well-known and highly realistic multiplayer car simulator. In the drivers cab you can inspect the surroundings with UM-5, without being distracted by the rotation of the steering wheel and gear shift.


Micro Machines V4 (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5  A well-known series of racing games, where tiny cars race around tracks constructed out of everyday objects.
The ruCap UM-5 tracker will provide a whole new feel of the fun racing process.


SUV simulator which you can turn left and right with head movements. Free your keyboard for easy gear changing and switching modes of transmission.


MXvsATV Unleashed

Off-road ATV and motorcycle racing. Move the body weight of your character, moving left, right, forward and backward, driving your vehicle on the impassable roads and putting it on the rack.


NASCAR 2003 Season

 игры для RUCAP UM-5  
If you like hihg speeds, the roar of engines and the screetching of tyres, you'll love this simulator.
The UM-5 tracker allows you to look around the cockpit of your car.

NASCAR SimRacing (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5   An excellent NASCAR simulator from Electronic Arts. Beat your opponents and make instant decisions with the ruCap UM-5 tracker, which allows you to see it all with the eyes of a race pilot.

Need for Speed: ProStreet

Use the UM-5 to make turns and daring overtaking in the most popular racing game. Move left and right.


Need for Speed: Shift

NFS-Shift   In the new blockbuster from EA Games with UM-5 Tracker you can look about inside the driver’s cab as if you personally are involved in crazy racing championships of Need for Speed: Shift. This will be an unforgettable feeling for you.


Futuristic races on super-sonic gravity cars. Drive your vehicle with UM-5: avoid obstacles and overtake your rivals, moving left and right.

Project Torque

Project Torque is a popular multiplayer street racing simulator. You can inspect the surroundings on the left and right sides inside the cab. It helps you to know what to expect from the difficult road turns and your opponents.



Crazy ATV racing on exotic bumpy tracks. You can move the body weight of your character moving left, right, forward and backward like a real extreme with UM-5, turning on the dusty roads and performing various tricks.
 Об игре PURE Here you can read the detailed description of PURE with game tracker RUCAP UM-5
 video iconHere you can watch the video about PURE with game tracker RUCAP UM-5


The champions of the mysterious world converge in a fierce duel with their fantastic flying combat vehicles. Direct your warship on incredible routs, moving left, right, up and down, scoring points, pick up bonuses and eliminate opponents.

Race - The Official WTCC Game (*new*)

    игры для RUCAP UM-5              The champions of the mysterious world converge in a fierce duel with their fantastic flying combat vehicles. Direct your warship on incredible routs, moving left, right, up and down, scoring points, pick up bonuses and eliminate opponents.

Race 07 - The Official WTCC Game

Race 07 The Official WTCC GameIn this game you will be able to take part in the WTCC race championship. With RUCAP UM-5 you increase the feeling of your presence in this contest. You'll be able to inspect the surroundings inside the drivers cab and the game world, watching the opponents and road.

Race On

race on

Speed racing simulator which you can observe the environment of the driver’s cab and world around your car with UM-5 game tracker.



Ring'n'Roll 3 (*new*)

  RUCAP UM-5 games                  

A new game of the famous Russian simulator series. With RuCap Um-5 game tracker you can get used to the role of truck driver in full: your virtual character will repeat the motion of your head inside of the cab, giving you the opportunity to conveniently and realistically examine the game environment.



rFactorExcellent autosim + a lot of mods and additions + multiplayer mode = rFactor. Every day you can try anything online - new tracks, cars, races and graphical objects. «Customize. Control. Connect » is the official slogan of this game. With a game tracker ruCap UM-5 you can look about inside the driver’s cab as if you are real sport-car driver.


 игры для RUCAP UM-5 Sledgehammer is action / racing game where you driving a truck full of high-tech combat stuff. 
Have you dream to control the transformer-car? So Sledgehammer is your choice!
With RuCap UM-5 game tracker Sledgehammer becomes many times more spectacular and beautiful. Unique Wideglance technology supported in Sledgehammer allows you to see the gaming environment with maximum realism. Wideglance dynamically changes the image on the screen so that you have seen it in real 3D. As if you are really sitting in the cab of the virtual super-truck!

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 Fun races with the well-known blue hedgehog and his friends from SEGA games.
With the ruCap UM-5 tracker, you will be able able to feel yourself sitting at the wheel of a car of one of your favourite characters!

Sonic Riders

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 
Fun and engaging races with your favourite blue hedgehog!
The ruCap UM-5 tracker will let you feel the speed of the fastest hedgehog on earth!

STCC the Game


This is the official game of STCC racing tournament. With UM-5 game tracker you can observe the environment of the driver’s cab and world around your car in this game.


Test Drive Unlimited

Test-Drive-UnlimitedSun valleys of Hawaii are fully open for you. On their ways you can become an elite test-driver of the world's largest automotive corporations. UM-5 game tracker will help you to examine the landscapes and complex road junctions: inside the driver’s cab use tracker to control camera movements to the left, right, up and down.

ToCA Race Driver 3


ToCA Race Driver is a popular series of racing games. In the third episode you'll be able to inspect the surroundings and the game world outside of the driver’s cab with RUCAP UM-5 game tracker.


Toon Car

 игры для RUCAP UM-5  Race day and night, through the windmills and over stones... It's hard not to have fun with this game!
TheruCAP UM-5 tracker will allow you to have a better look at all the fun this game offers.

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 Whati is it that attracts in the train driver's profession? The speed? The vistas? The possibility to control the massive monster of a machine?
You can find out with this game.
You will control a wide variety of trains that faithfully reproduce the real thing.
The ruCap UM-5 tracker gives you additional freedom in controlling your train.
Free your hands, you will be able to look around freely and switch between views, by moving forwards and back.

Turismo Carretera (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 An exceptional driving simulator with lots of settings and realistic car physics.
The ruCap UM-5 tracker allows you to look around from the point of view of the driver.

X-Motor Racing (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 A realistic driving simulator dedicated to ring races.
Detailed car setups will allow you to feel like a real racer and the ruCap UM-5 tracker will blur the line between game and reality!


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