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Aces High 2

Acer Hight 2

Multiplayer aviasim narrating about the years of the Second World War. Inside the cockpit of his plane ruCap UM-5 you can easily inspect the surrounding open spaces and recognize the enemies and allies.


Aces Over Vietnam (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 A flight simulator with jet planes of the Vietnam war era. Choose your plane, your weapons and take off to battle.
The aircraft are very sensitive to controls, which provides for an amazing feeling of control, which is hightened even further with the ruCap UM-5 tracker.

Air Battles: Sky Defender (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 Become an ace in battle between the British and German airforces in the WWII. With the ruCap UM-5 tracker you will be able to see the fighting with the eyes of one of the pilots of the two sides. Fight high in the sky, avoid the enemy’s deadly bullets and be the one to bring victory to your side!

Blazing Angels 2

Take part in the secret air missions for the "Allies" during the World War II. Move left, right, up and down to make turns, breathtaking pique and other dangerous maneuvers.


Falcon 4.0 Allied Force (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5  Falcon 4.0 although dated, is still one of the most highly regarded flight sims of all time with a large fan base.
Experience piloting the F16 fighter plane from the viewpoint of the pilot. With the UM-5 tracker, you will experience the most of what this game has to offer.

 IL-2: Shturmovik

 Ишры для RUCAP UM-5

World famous combat flight simulator where you can now feel like a real pilot. Observe surrounding area and the situation in the sky around you from inside the cockpit with UM-5.
Об игре ИЛ-2: 1946Here you can read the detailed description of IL-2: 1946 game with game tracker RUCAP UM-5
 video icon Here you can watch the video about the game with game tracker RUCAP UM-5

Ка-50: Black Shark


Highly detailed and ultra-realistic simulator of Russian combat helicopter Ka-50. Being inside the cockpit, zoom in and zoom out your view, inspect the surroundings and military situation like a real helicopter pilot.
  Об игре КА-50Here you can read the detailed description of Ка-50: Black shark with game tracker RUCAP UM-5

Micro Flight (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5   

Airplane simulator with over 100 models of planes at your disposal, from light flyers to spaceships. There's even some ground vehicles!
The game is perfect if you want to take a break from the super-realistic simulators like MSFS and the ruCap UM-5 tracker adds another dimension to your experience as a pilot.


MS Flight Simulator 2002

 игры для RUCAP UM-5      Traditionally realistic and advanced, the flight simulator 2002 brings you more aircraft and landscape beauty than any previous iterations. With the UM-5 tracker, you will be able to observe your aircraft's cabin in detail and the grandeur of the landscape below.

MS Flight Simulator 2004: A Century Of Flight

   игры для RUCAP UM-5               

Another member of the legendary Microsoft series of ultra-realistic flight simulators. With the ruCap UM-5 tracker, you have a chance to naturally explore the faithfully modeled cockpits of many aircraft.


MS Flight Simulator X

The most famous and realistic simulator of civil aviation. You can inspect the surroundings of the cockpit like real pilot, moving left, right, up and down with UM-5.
 Об игре ИЛ-2: 1946Here you can read the detailed description of MSFSX with game tracker RUCAP UM-5

  video icon Here you can watch the video about MSFSX with game tracker RUCAP UM-5 

Orbiter: Space Flight Simulator (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5          This is a highly realistic modern spaceflight simulator. The ruCap UM-5 tracker will allow you to experience what you may have dreamed to experience from childhood: being an astronaut. You can look around the cabins of the current spaceships (“Vostok”, “Soyuz”, “Buran”) as well as some futuristic spacecraft.

Rise of Flight (*new*)

  игры для RUCAP UM-5 The year is 1917. WWI is in full swing. Your task is to get behind the stick of the best interceptors of the period.
Rise of Flight will let you feel the spirit of the period and relive history.
Featuring great graphics and simulation, this game will thrill the flightsim lovers.
The ruCap UM-5 tracker completely erases the line between the game and reality, giving you the advantage of a full 180-degree view of the surroundings.

Space Shuttle Mission 2007 (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 Board the space shuttle! In this, one of the most realistic space shuttle simulators, the controls are yours and are almost no different from the real thing. From liftoff to landing, all buttons and commands follow the real flight procedures aboard the shuttle.
The UM-5 tracker gives you new possibilities in controlling your shuttle. You can look around the cockpit and, with a single movement of your head, change the view from cockpit to external view. Just move your head away from the monitor to see the whole shuttle.

Starshatter (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5   In this game, you take control not over a single tiny spaceship and are not the lonely hero. No, in this game, you get to command a full fleet of starfighters and cruisers! You can switch from directly controlling a ship to controlling an entire fleet of ships.
The ruCap UM-5 tracker will free your hands for more important tasks, such as commanding you armies and piloting your ship to the fullest of its abilities.

Strike fighters


The old school combat flight simulator: time-tested and loved by the fans. Now in this game with RUCAP UM-5 game tracker you have the opportunity to see the game world being inside the cockpit of military fighter.


Tom Clancy's HAWX

Manage the most modern fighter aircrafts, moving left, right, up and down to make your machine to carry out complex combat maneuvers.


WarBirds: Dogfights (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 Get into one of the hundred meticulously modeled warplanes of the WWII era and rule the skies in publisher Atari's dogfighting simulator. From sea to land, from bombing to one-on-one duels, the UM-5 tracker will help you beat the competition by allowing you to look around and gain an edge.

Warlike Flyboys (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 An aerial minigame. Choose your side, your plane and battle it out with plentiful opponents in this fast-paced airplane shooter.
With the UM-5 tracker, you will be able to control your plane.

Wings of Prey (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 The new game of the famous flight simulation series "IL-2: Sturmovik". Wings of Prey gives you the opportunity to participate in epic air battles over Europe adopting the best features of game-predecessors. With RuCap UM-5 game tracker you’ll get an opportunity to inspect the surroundings of the cockpit and game world. It will improve your awareness and give you the unique gaming experience.

Wings of War (*new*)

 игры для RUCAP UM-5 A decent representative of the flight arcade genre with elements of simulation. With the ruCap UM-5 tracker, no foe will escape your eye.


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